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Plontch is a small town in the South-Eastern region of Poland. “Plontch” (alt: "Planch") is the way the name of the town was pronounced in Yiddish by its  Jewish population. In Poland today, the town is known as Polaniec.  The closest larger town was called Stashev in Yiddish, today known as Staszow.

According to some estimates, there was a Jewish presence in the town since the 14th Century. Jewish life in Plontch ended on October 18, 1942  with the Nazi evacuation of the town.  


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   Yizkor Book and Pinkas HaKehillot

   The shtetl of Plontch is memorialized in Sefer Stashev, the Yizkor Book of the 
    town of Stashev and its surrounding towns.

  • Translation from the Yizkor Book, Sefer Stashev, "My Town, Plontch"

  • Translation from the Yizkor Book, Sefer Stashev, Plontch Necrology

  • Translation from Pinkas Hakehillot - Plontch

  • Links to more translations from Sefer Stashev



   Historical information about the town, compiled from numerous sources

  • The Plontch Wooden Synagogue and Talmud Torah

  • Beth Hatefutsoth Article on the history of Plontch

  • Yad VaShem's "Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and After the Holocaust" -  Polaniec Entry

  • Population Trends in Polaniec, 1827-1942

  • The Jewish Cemetery in Plontch

  • A study of Polaniec and its Jewish History - by A.Wojciechowski

  • "Great Fire in Polaniec" - from the Yiddish news, 1929

  • Thaddeus Kosciusko and the "Polaniec Manifesto"

  • Some basic information about present-day Polaniec


   The People of Plontch

  • The Rebbes of Plontch

  • Jewish Week Article, "A Place Called Planch", on 80th anniversary of the Plancher Society

  • The life of Bronia Schlachter - her early days in Plontch

  • "Survival in Plontch" - The story of Abe, Walter, and Carl Kaufman's survival in Plontch during the Holocaust Years

  • The 1929 Polish Business Directory - entries from the town of Polaniec

  • A list of Jewish residents of Plontch, from 1820

  • Genealogy - "Researching My Ancestry in the Town of Plontch, Poland" - by M.Gottlieb

  • Ellis Island arrivals from Plontch

  • JRI_Poland Project - list of Surnames from Plontch



  • Current map of the area

  • Map of Polaniec and its relationship to other shtetls in the Kielce and Radom Gubernias

  • Interactive map

  • A German map of the area from 1942

  • Geographical notes and photos of South-Eastern Poland


   Photo Gallery

  • A collection of photographs of Plontchers, descendants, places...


   How you can get involved

  • Information about the First Plancher Benevolent Society and how to join

  • How to join the Plontch Descendants Mailing List

  • Restoration of the Plontch Jewish Cemetery

  • Sign the Guest Book

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This web site is authored and maintained by Michael Gottlieb, whose paternal ancestors lived in Plontch since at least the middle of the 18th century.  The site is dedicated to memory of those ancestors, many of whom were  slaughtered during the Nazi Holocaust. 

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